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  • Decoding Different Diets September 25, 2018

    What Kind of Eater are You?

    In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, even inveterate beef eaters may be considering a more vegetable-centric diet. If you’re on a journey to vegetarianism or simply curious about the side roads surrounding it, follow our road map to ... Continue Reading

  • Pain Management: The New Approach September 25, 2018

    Fewer Pills, Lower Doses, More Vigilance: The New Approach to Pain Management

    It’s hard to imagine a medical crisis more widely discussed, dissected and debated in the last two years than opioid abuse. As a result, clear action steps have been taken, including retooling of ... Continue Reading

  • A Flu-Free Winter: Your Best Shot September 25, 2018

    Take Your Best Shot for a Flu-Free Winter

    Last year’s flu season was severe in most parts of the country and left many wondering why the flu vaccine hadn’t performed more effectively. However, it remains our best line of defense for averting and lessening the ... Continue Reading

  • Dr. Barbara Novotny Begins Full Concierge Care, June 1, 2018 April 17, 2018

    Barbara Novotny, MD will change her practice in full to a concierge/personalized care model beginning on June 1, 2018.  She is looking forward to making the change which will allow her to perserve what she believes is exceptional medical care.

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  • Join Us on February 13th for “Parenting Our Teens and Tweens February 5, 2018

    To RSVP please call the office at 970-871-1323.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • The Art of Mindful Parenting January 17, 2018


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  • The Enemy Within: Autoimmune Disease is on the Rise January 16, 2018

    autoimmune disease 1000x1000 300x300

    A condition that is thought to have tripled in prevalence over the last 50 years, impacting over 23 million people, could justifiably be seen as an epidemic, or at least, a growing health concern. Autoimmune diseases, though, are not often thought ... Continue Reading

  • Plant the Seeds of Healthy Eating January 9, 2018

    Seeds of healthy eating v1 300x300

    Plant-based eating proponents are growing at a rapid clip in the US, buoyed by ongoing reports that following the regimen faithfully can result in a multitude of health benefits, ranging from increased energy and elevated mood to lower risks ... Continue Reading

  • 20,000 and You: Unlocking the Genetic Code January 9, 2018

    In just the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the practical uses of genetic testing, which examines changes, or variants, in your genes that may lead to illness or disease. Once considered more of an investment in the future and ... Continue Reading

  • Dr. Iversen is in the News December 11, 2017

    Last week’s well-attended nutritional seminar for Steamboat Springs Family Practice patients was the subject of an excellent recent article in Steamboat Today. Dr. Iversen’s passion for caring was evident as she shared with the reporter her impetus for making the change to concierge medicine:

    “It was the right thing for care, it was the right thing for ... Continue Reading