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Personalized Preventative Services

About our concierge medicine practice—Steamboat Springs Family Medicine


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We offer continuity of care... at our office, your home, hospital or nursing home.

Primary Care Services

At Every Age:

  • Newborn care
  • Pediatric care, including well visits and immunizations
  • Women’s care
  • Adult medicine
  • Care for the elderly

Specialized care:

  • Travel health
  • Occupational medicine
  • SLIT therapy
  • Functional medicine
  • Weight loss
  • Acupuncture


  • Lung function testing & EKG
  • In-office lab Point of Care testing including flu, strep, antigen and PCR COVID testing, urine, pregnancy testing
  • In-office lab draws for outside analysis
  • Allergy testing, including food allergies and environmental allergies such as seasonal, molds, grasses, cats, dogs, etc.
  • Genetic testing
  • Early detection cancer testing