Weight Loss Management

Obesity affects women, men and children. It is on rise. Colorado is the leanest state though our obesity rate has increased in proportion with the rest of the country. Why is this a concern? Because obesity increases risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and various cancers including breast and colon cancer. It increase arthritis and decreases quality of life for many of us. It is epidemic in the United States, including here in NW Colorado.

Why we are a nation with increasing obesity rates is a complex question with many theories and probably just as many causes. Dieting and weight loss is a multibillion dollar industry with many people having tried a diet only to gain back the weight plus some with a pattern of yo yo as weight goes down then up again with repeat cycles as new diets are tried. Dieting just doesn’t work. Studies show that weight loss can be achieved with life style changes. These changes include change in how we eat as well as our activity. We also know if we try to change too much all at once, we will not succeed. We succeed when we break it down to manageable changes, then add new goals on top of the old, once the old goal has become a habit.

Sometimes we need more then life style changes and medication or surgery is indicated. These modalities should not be considered first line for weight loss but may be considered in addition to the life style changes. If you are ready to make a change, we are ready to help you. We start out by using a program called Cornerstone. It is designed by a physician and used by physicians to help you learn how to eat differently and exercise as well. We start with dietary changes, using the aid of an online system to help you track your carbs, fats and protein intake. We take the time to explain nutrition using concepts of macronutrients and breaking down different types of carbs, fats and protein. Once this is going well, we add the exercise part on. Some patients may need medication in addition and some even surgery. If you need surgery we work with the surgeon to help you reach your health goal.

We would love to help you reach your health goals. Give us a call. Many others have and we have many happy patients who have reached a healthy goal, including those who have been able to stop or reduce medication for chronic health problems secondary to their weight. We look forward to working with you and or a family member of yours in the near future.

Rosanne Iversen, MD

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