Anxiety and Depression

So often patients want me to tell them if the symptoms they are having is real or all in their head. Pain is real. Your physical health and your mental health are intricately related. Your head his literally headquarters to one of the most complex systems in your body; your neurological system.

Your neurological system is responsible for complex tasks such as speech, comprehension, vision, feelings and emotions and more. It simultaneously does this while also keeping your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your body moving and more. It is no wonder that if your mind is not healthy, you may also feel it in your body. The reverse is just as true.
We see a high incidence of depression in those who have under gone major surgery or have had a heart attack. We also see many patients with anxiety or depression who also present with headaches, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and more.

In order to heal the body, we also need to heal the mind. Only then can you reach your full health potential, as a complete person. You are more than just a disease. You are a person who has a disease. We take this into consideration when we help you with your health.

There are many strategies available to help people heal their minds. A combination of methods seems to work best for most people. We may need to use supplements, prescription medications, counseling, relaxation techniques, diet, exercise, meditation and more.

Once you are on your way to a healthier mind, don’t be surprised to find out your body is working better. You see the symptoms are real and treating all of you will get you back to feeling like yourself once again.

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